3. Guatemala


El Pais de la Eterna Primavera 

(The country of the Eternal Spring)  

July 25 2016

Guatemala,  a country filled with colour, culture, enthusiasm, happiness, and sun,  the country I was born and raised. To tell you the truth I could not wait to get out of there as soon as I finished high school. Why I wanted to leave so bad? You may wonder. I wanted to leave so bad because I wanted to be free from the corruption taking over the country (in every sense of the world), be free from people that pretend to be your friends just because of convenience, I wanted to go somewhere where I could be and express my self to the fullest, I wanted to go somewhere where I could choose my friends and not feel left out, that is why chose to come to Canada.

I never thought that I would really like Guatemala as a country, I thought that I would always have the same opinion of it, an awful country to live in and grow because of all the negativity associated with it., but leaving for school and coming back after a year or so helped me get a new perspective of how beautiful my country is, even though I do not plan on going back and settling down there. I truly love living in Canada (I think I was born to be Canadian  TBH haha…). I am writing this as a form of expressing my love for the country that saw me and help me grow into who I am today, for that reason I will be posting pictures (probably tons) of various things that remind me of how a beautiful country Guatemala is and things that bring a smile to my face whenever I feel homesick (honestly not very often) but it happens some times. Enjoy. 

 Hobbitenango, Sacatepequez, Guatemala 2016 , 
Different perspective of the beautiful view of the three volcanoes surrounding Antigua Guatemala (Volcan de Agua, Volcan de Fuego and Volcan de Acatenango).  An excellent location to do some unwinding and thinking by hiking and investigating the land. 

 Semana Santa 2016
Enjoying the rustic view and the cool effect of the Land Rover blending with nature. 

 Colourful handcraft souvenirs that bring a smile to my face when I wear them. 

 Summer 2014
Reflection of the Volcan de Acatenango, such a majestic view.  What do you think? 

 Xetulul, Christmmas 2014
An artsy view on the marry go round, never fails to bring a smile to my face when visiting. 

 Mayan Golf Club, Guatemala City, Semana Santa 2016 
Getting some cheeky sun after a long (an ongoing) winter in Newfoundland, Canada 

 Xetulul, Retahuleu, Christmas 2014
Replica of the famous Trevi in Italy, making the trip to Xetulul a little more magical.

 Antigua Guatemala, Summer 2014
Spectacular view of the Volcan de Agua, the volcano that gives the city of Antigua a rustic and gloomy (but magical) feel when visiting and learning about its history. 

Amazing pottery like this one, the romantic and colourful design of pottery is the best way of identifying with the culture of Guatemala and what it entitles to be a wild Guatemalan. (We are known for being colourful and crazy inside and out haha). 

 Somewhere in Vaja Verapaz, December 2014
Enjoying the nature and the nice weather (nice weather all yea round!!) 
BTW: I love this picture so much, my hair is just perfection (jokes, jokes) and the jump is perfectly timed. 

 Xetulul, December 2014
Just getting a  little adrenaline  from this big ship hahaha. 

 Xetulul, December 2014
Isn't this picture perfection (only joking) I love coming to this theme park and going on the merry go round with my little sisters. It reminds me how carefree and happy you are when you are a child. (Not that I am not happy right now, actually I am really happy with my adult self). 

 Xetulul, December 2014
Me " I want to go on that game", Me: " Why do I always do this to my self , I am dizzy" 
I love going on this game but then I get motion sick and I am scare that the chairs are going to fall (little paranoid), seemed like a good idea but it was not a good idea haha (can I be a kid for two minutes again?). 

 Antigua Guatemala, Summer 2014
Isn't this so pretty and relaxing? I love the architecture of this city, it has such a romantic and rustic feel to it. I would go as far as calling it the Central American city of love. 

 Carretera al Salvador, Christmas day 2014 
I needed to include a picture of Christmas time in Guatemala, Christmas time is one of my favourite time of the year (specially in Guatemala). The smell of the fireworks being burned through the whole of December, the smell of the Christmas trees being sold all in the little farms, believe or not but the smell of incense being burned and the Christmas carols being played all over the place, and last but not least all the food being cooked through the month and the amazing time spent with family ( and friends)

 Hobbitenango, Sacatepequez 2016 
Another majestic view of the city of Antigua Guatemala 

 Heineken, my German Sheppard 
How could I go a whole blog post, posting things about my favourite things in Guatemala and not post a picture of my dog. 
Heineken is our German Sheppard, he is around six years old, he is also the fluffy type of German Sheppard. Heineken sheds like a sheep and his fur goes all over the house (even the places he is not allowed to go). He is also really lazy, and believes he is still a puppy (or even thinks he is a baby)  sense why we call him an apartment dog (hahaha), he does loves to go for runs and walks, loves being petted and begs for attention. In my opinion he is the best and the cutest fluffy German Sheppard in the whole wide world. Love him and miss him so much. 

 Tecolotes a Guatemalan piggy bank, also known for being lucky ceramic owls. if you feed and keep your tecolote happy he will give you luck and prosperity (a Guatemalan Myth). 

Christmas 2014 
Of course family had to make it into the post (if Heineken did). It is because of my amazing, caring and loving family that I am who I am. They are always there for me (like any other family would). Every trip back to Guatemala is enjoyable, awesome and unforgettable because of them. Everyone in my family has a unique personality that even though we clash at times I would not change for anything in the world.   Even though I do not talk to them often or tell them how much I miss them and appreciate them I an for ever thankful that they are my family. 

Christmas 2015 
Not in Guatemala but introducing my third sister Annika, she is 12 years old, she is the artist of the family. She loves painting and dancing, can not wait to see what she does with her skills. 

Mayan Golf Club, Guatemala City, Semana Santa 2016 
Introducing my baby sister Astrid (pupa is her nickname), she is 1o years old and the diva of the family. Always getting what she wants and making a fuss is she does not, another little secret of her is bossing everyone around hahaha.

 Montreal, Christmas 2015
Again not in Guatemala but introducing my hero, my Dad. He is the best, I am who I am because of him, he is always there for me, giving advice on school decisions, work ideas and just general life advice. I have been told time and time again that what ever I think is the best decisions he will always have my back. I admire his sense of humor, he energy and his determination of improving his life, I love how he manages to be there for four daughters and a wife. 

 Montreal, Christmas 2016 
Here is an introduction to my mom, the funniest and happiest person I know. I know I do not call my mom in a regular basis (probably should call her more often) but when I do call her we are on the phone for hours, just talking about life and gossiping about everyone and no one, making fun of her and me. It is just like calling a friend you do not see often, but when you talk again its like no time has gone by. My mom inspires me to be a happier and energetic person in my life, she also has my back every single day. 

 Christmas, December 2014 
Finally but not least is the introduction to my sister Kare, Kare is the most caring, down to earth and stubborn sister one could ask for. On our younger years we did not get along, but now that we have grown and that she is almost ready to graduate High School and going into university we have grown closer and I love hearing what she is up too and what she is planning to do when she graduates (can not wait for the pictures from her sabbatical year, she so desperately wants). I am so proud of who she is now and surprised how fast she has grown. 

Hobbitenango, Sacatepequez, Semana Santa 2016

This is the end of this blog post all about my favourite things in Guatemala. I know the end of the blog took a more sentimental (mushy) mood, but I needed to mention my loving family. I hoped you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and enjoyed the pictures selected for this little introduction to my backbone. Thank you Guatemala for seeing me grow and showing me how beautiful country you are. Oh, by the way... I am planning on uploading every Wednesday ( I promise to do my best on keeping up) so stay tuned for more about me.  Positive comments are always welcome. 
I'll be back soon...
Love, Andy


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