The Start 

of something new...

( like what I did there haha)

July 4 2016

Everything in life starts with an idea to create something new, something that shows who you are and that is why I decided to create a blog.

St. John’s, Newfoundland 2016 
Here it is a little intro to my life:
Hi everyone,
I am Andy (short for Andrea) and just created a blog, I am a student in the province of Newfoundland, Canada, the 10-month winter and 2-month summer province (no joke). Originally I am from Guatemala down there in Central America.... I know , I know I am a bit far away from home hahaha. I am studying communications and sociology with one academic year to go (yaaaay). I love to explore this beautiful province. One of my favorite things to do during summer is go to the park get some sun, read, relax and go swimming. I also love taking picture, drawing and writing (one of the reasons I am starting the blog), and I just got into yoga (this should be interesting). During the winter I would say I love to try winter activities.
 Cape Spear, Newfoundland 2015
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 2016 
A little intro to my blog:
For my blog I will be writing about so many different things, things I am passionate about. It will be a mix of life style posts to me attempting to bake and updates on the yoga journey. I do love some good skin care (haha) so I will keep you posted on my favorite skin care routines and products. Travelling back home (aka. Guatemala) and to different destinations, will also make an appearance in this page.

St. Johns, Newfoundland (Hesiod's Theogany) 2016

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the different places I have been in the past couple of years
Corner Brook, Newfoundland 2014
Corner Brook (Fair), Newfoundland 2016

Rivera Maya (Xcaret), Mexico 2015
Chichen Itza, Mexico 2015
I hope you enjoy my little blogs filled with photos and excitement. Positive comments are welcome :)
I'll be back soon...
Love, Andy



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