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August Edition

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August 24, 2016 

Given that is the end of the month I decided to write about my absolute  favourite stuff during the month of August. I've wanted to write one of this foooreveer now, so here it is. 

Lets get cracking then....

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel 
The book Fangirl was my summer read(yeah I know what you are thinking only one book for the whole summer?) Yes, I only read this book over the course of two months and that is because I need to find the PERFECT book to read and to be honest that takes AGES. I chose this book after months and months of wanting to pick it up, but never actually getting it. 
I am SO glad I finally gave it a chance because it has become my favourite book of all times. I could relate to both Cath and Wren during their first year of university, as my first year of university (three almost four years ago!!!!) was a mix of both of their experiences. Obviously somethings did not happen to me but over all it was very relatable. I a lover of young adult novels, and this is a mix of teenage drama with growing up realty. TOTALLY recommend. 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (read on the summer of 2016)
 Give it a shot it is an amazing book!!! 
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (read on the summer of 2016)
When I really like a part of the book I fold the corner of pages to go back and re read that favourite part. 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (read on the summer of 2016)
Do you love my teddy bear collection...yes I am child!!
2. Face Masks 
I have been loooving facemasks this month two to be exact, one is Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask and the second one is Caudalie Instat Deto Mask. I have been giving my face a special treatment this month, yeah yeah I know that this masks help clear blemishes and I do not have many of them thb... but after using the masks ( I usually use them before showering, twice to three times a week) my face feels so clean like all of the dirt accumulated during the day and night simply vanishes. 
Giving my face a little pampering session two to three times a week makes me feel so much better and makes me feel pretty haha. Never doubt treating yourself  to little pamper sessions or a little cheat day, we all deserve it. Using a facemasks as a pamper session is the perfect thing to do on rainy days, sunny days or  whenever you feel like it. Love yourself :) 

Origins and Caudalie face masks
(yeah it says tester but it is not a tester I got gifted it.)
Plus one of my favourite candles Roswook Blend an awesome find at Winners. 

One of two of my favourite masks this month and of the year for that matter 
Your face feels absolutely cleaner and fresher after !!
3. Overalls
So everyone has been obsessing with denim skirts and the whole 90's vibe, and probably I am following the trend as well. My obsession first began when I bought a denim overall mini dress, I wore it for a week straight NO JOKE haha, then I decided I needed to expand my collection of overalls and bought black overalls and again I wore them for a week straight and my first outfit choice. So yeah I'm in loooooove with overalls. Try them and then judge me haha!! 
My faaave overalls...actually faaaave outfir!!!!
I know I know I wear them everywhere I am just tooooooo obsess 

4. Formula X nail polish on the shade Riotous 
I bough this at the start of the summer (I guess it is more of a summer favourite) and I have been wearing it NON stop. The colour is a dark pink mixed with some purple and a hint of wine colour. Hahaha I know it sounds crazy but just wait till you see it! I wear it on my toes and my hands all the time. I try different nail polishes but always seem to come back to it. The color does changes a little bit but I think it is depending on your skin tone. 

Formula X in shade Riotous
Such a nice and versatile colour !!! 

Formula X nail kit starting on the left with the nail cleanser, middle is my monthly favourite Riotous and on the right we have the base coat, oviously I am missing the top coat but no biggie I use another brand top coat!
5. Body Cream by Nivea
So this body cream is not like any other, I needed a new body cream and I wanted something that felt luxurious and moisturizing. I went to my local all in all pharmacy and browsing around I found this new Nivea body cream that you use while showering...sounds craaazy right? You use your normal body was and right before stepping out you would put the luxurious cream like you would with normal cream, then wash it off and you are ready to go no tackiness or stickiness.

6. Halsey 
Have you heard her music? No? Okay now go listen to her!! I have been obsessing with her album Badlands, it is a mix of pop and indie music. It is something different from every other pop artist, just give it a try I promise it is worth it. 

Halsey Badlands
I will leave a link to my favourite song from this album.
7. Stranger Things 
Lastly but not least is Stranger Things, you probably heard of this Netflix original series and if you haven't watch it yet gooooooooo watch it. It is amazing well only if you like mystery/ horror shows. To be honest I did a little of binge watching and saw the entire season in a day... more like an afternoon oooops. 

Stranger Things if you love mystery, horror and all that good stuff on TV shows you will binge watch this series like me!
To wrap this week up, hopefully you like this types of blogs I will try to do one every month. I link some of the stuff I talked about so  you can go give it a try if you want (disclaimer: not and advertisement SERIOUSLY). I just thought to give you the option if you are interested in the stuff.  Hopefully it is not too long. 
Positive comments are always welcome. Byeee talk to you soon... 


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