11. Getting Fit?

Getting Fit?

Whats is gym

What do I do at the gym 

September 9, 216 

I know what you might be thinking... oh no another gym post.
 Let me tell you, that this is not like any other gym post. Honestly I do not want to look like those Instagram models with abs, tiny legs, tiny arms and big boobs and bum. I want to go to the gym to learn to love my body the way it is and try to tone it to the best of my ability (without getting to extreme) and I also want to feel active and good about my self. 
I do not go to the gym to impress anyone but my self and regarding my diet it has stayed mostly the same with some twiks here and there. I still I eat what I like and get junk food every now (cheat day) and of course the occasional beer... haha!!!

To give you an overview of what I do at the gym and how often I go. I usually go three to five times a week. 20 minutes of cardio every time and then legs day, back and shoulders day, arms day and finally abs day. All and all the gym take an hour to an hour of my day and it such a good feeling when its done. To be honest I do not have a routine on what day is what and on some of the days I play squash (and overall body work out by it self). Squash usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours....I know it seems like a lot but honestly is amazing, fun and the time flies by!!

I hope that this has showed you that you don't have to drastically change your life if you want to start going to the gym, just take an hour of your day to exercise is all it takes. Eating what you like is the best way to stay motivated. Honestly you'll see little changes happen I promise, ovbssss... nothing in excess hahaha.  Just have fum :p!!

Talk to you soon byeee...


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