12. September Favourites

My Faaaves

September Edition

 Fashion is the star this time around 

September 16 2016 

Another month has come and gone just like that, but not to worry because that means it is time to do another monthly favourites. This time around I've been having less time to relax since school has started, but that does not mean I haven't found  any favourites this month. This month I  have been loving more fashiony items, stay tuned for the fashion edition...

1. My Bulova watch 
I got this watch for my birthday and I wanted one different from what everyone had. So I looked and looked and finally when I found this gorgeous tan leather strap with a gold face. It goes with legiiiit everything. I LOOOOVE IT, and it is such a timeless fashion statement. 

I love this picture so much. 

Isn't this like such a gorgeous watch 

2. RayBans seeing glasses 
So I've been in the look for new glasses, one reason is because I just wanted a new style and the second reason is because my last ones broke. The ones I got are amazing, they are men frames but they look amazing and the gold rim is gorge. ABSOLUTELY love them. 

 I have a confession... this are actually men frames but I absolutely loveee them. 

Such a good combo and timeless statement of fashion 

3. Jeans (black with rip on the knees & rip jeans)
What more can I say about these fashion statements. Just pure love. 

Been loving & wearing them all month long !!!

4.  Adidas, Stan Smiths 
Everyone knows that Adidas have been having a good year. I got a special edition of Adidas Stan Smith for Christmas last year... yeah yeah I know that is such a long time ago, but to my defense I have been wearing mine none stop through September.  Even though they are a littleeee bold they match most everything and are such a fashion statement. A little different as well.

Told you they are bit out there :p 


Absolutely loooooveee this picture
Faaave Shoes Eveeeerrr

5. My Planner for school 
My colourful planner makes me keep organize and makes me feel like I have my school life in order and it is just soo pretty. 

Look at me being all organized 

Isn't this so pretty and inspiring

That is a wrap of my monthly favourites, hopefully you liked a little insight of what I have been liking this month. Talk to you soon byeee..... 



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