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Another First

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October 19, 2015

So me being me, I decided to enroll in a film production class. Just to learn some techniques of filming and editing in case one of this days I decide to start a YouTube channel (maybe soon I will).  To be completely honest I did not learn much, just a couple of things about lighting and how to manage light but that was it. Plus the prof was not that great wither, just another know it all and do it my way or the highway kinda professor.  Most of the stuff taught was common sense and if you (like me) watch a lot of YouTube would already had catch on to. 

One thing positive about this class is that it gave me the initiative to think of really starting a channel. Which of course would be like my blog, all things life style. Back to my class, so the final assignment was to film a video with a beginning, middle and end, like a story and no topic was given. I decided to film a get ready with me and use my best friend Jess as the actress, just so I could get the feel of how to film those type of videos. 

All in all the filming process was really fun and we both enjoyed filming, the editing of the video was really fun too. I really enjoy creating a good sequence from a bunch of raw footage, my favourite part I think was finding the music to use for the video and watching the final product. When watching what I have created I feel really proud of what I've done knowing I could do this for real.  There are some stuff that I have to work on (like everyone who is starting)  to make great content and with more practice I think I could put out some great stuff. 

I wanted to write this blog to let you know what I have been working on this week. I did not wanted to go a week without writing and jut let you guys know why I haven't written about the usual lols, but then again this blog is meant to be  about the things I am into and filming and creating videos is something I am really interested in doing. 

I will share the video with you guys (link to my YouTube channel) , of course you can let me know what you think and what areas I should improve and what should I do different. Hope you enjoyed the video! 

Get Ready With Me 

Talk to you soon...


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