15. Ottawa


Two Day Adventure 


October 26 2016

I know that for the last couple of blogs I have been posting the day off and today is one of those days, actually this will probably go up Thursday. I want to keep an schedule for posting, but school is all force now and keeping up with assignments is proving a little hard and this is not a chore but something I want to do. 

Ranting aside, today's blog is about my last minute adventure to Ottawa. It all came up a week ago when mom calls me I need to come to Ottawa to renew my passport. That they dad books me a flight and a hotel, here is where things get interesting... he books me jail yeah you read right a jail at the Jail Hostel in the heart of down town Ottawa. Yes, the hostel was a jail in the past and people where hung here creeepy I know. When I first came in the hostel and saw my jail cell it was the creepiest thing I've seen. I settle in charged my phone a bit and went for a walk and dinner because I could not stay for long hahaha too creeepy for me. 

I went wondering to the Rideau Center yes yes the shopping mall and did some shopping, I will do a post about the stuff I bought to be honest I did not buy that much. After wondering around the Rideau Center I went to eat at Nandos. YES the same British Nandos and it was aaaaamazing. Kare you were right its sooooo good and the perri perri sauce on point. 

Today, the day I am writing this blog is the last day I'll be here. I am taking the jail tour and let me tell you it was interesting and creepy. The jail was home to some violent criminals and some criminals that where not actually criminals. Three officials hangings happened during the 100  years it was opened and another unofficial eight and more happened. The three official ones where open to the public to witness in the hill that faced the jail and the other eight happened inside the jail and sine there is a lot to consider when hanging someone, many decapitations happened and the floor below is broken from where the bodies fell without a head. Many bodies where buried in the coourt yard and when transforming it to a hostel the bodies where found, it is believed that many bodies are buried underneath the pavement in front the hostel. 

Once that was over I made my way to the Parliament via the Rideau Canal and a park. The Rideau canal is just amazing and the view of the rest of Ottawa city. The fall colours just made it more amazing and in a way cozy. When I finally made it to the Parliament my phone was about to die but still managed to take many pictures, the buildings are just magical looking, in a way they remind me of Harry Potter buildings. The chilli wind and the gloomy sky made the experience more magical and enjoyable. I think it was an amazing autumn day. I finished my wonders by walking be the Rideau Canal again making my way to a Starbucks for a hot drink to defrost a little. 

I am really impresses with the architecture and the prettiness of Ottawa and how beautiful an autumn day can be. Now on may way back to St. John's all I can hope for is for no rain when I get there and a mild and pretty winter. Probably asking for too much. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog and the pictures, a little longer than usual but I just needed to express my amazement and unexepected adventure. 


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