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November 05 2016 

October for me has flown by, like literally it was gone in a blink of the eyes. I attribute this to how busy this month has been, and that is one of the reasons I did not upload a blog the week just past but I will correct that and upload two this week. Fall has come full force here in Newfoundland and to tell you the truth is kinda a rainy season, but that won't make my love for the change of colours any less.  This month has been all about those beloved fall colours and the coziness that come with it.  So without further due here are my October favourites of this wet wet month. 

1. Chunky Scarf 
I bought this from Aldo Accessories a year ago, and to be honest with you it did not had as much use last winter as this past month. I love how chunky it is and warm. It goes with pretty much all I wear because all I wear is neutral colours.  And those fall colours.... just a pure fall essential to make any day a cozy day. 

2. A Purse 
I called this the A purse because of the A, and I like to think that the A is for Andy but I'm pretty sure it stands for Aldo... a girl can dream of things being personalized.  Again I bought this from Aldo Accessories a couple of weeks back and I have been using it none stop. I just love the shape, colours and how it is varsity inspired. I also love how much you can fit into it. 

3. WoodWick Candle 
My WoodWick candle crackles as it burns and makes my house sooooooo cozy and makes it smell like the colour of the leaves just pure fall madness. I got the Wood Wick candle from Winners/ HomeScense for only nine dollars and it has lasted all month.  To give a small description of the scent: like a bone fire with a little bit of a sweet kick. 

4. All the Bright Places 
Where to begin with this favourite. I had have this book for over two months now and to tell you the truth it takes me a lot to get into books but when I do its a non stop reading marathon. I was less than half way through the book before I got into it. But after a point I could not put the book down. It is such a lovely story with an unexpected ending but what made me love it more was that is really reality oriented and something like this story can happen to anyone. There are happy moments, sad moments, moments when you just want to punch one of the characters but that is life and it is a breath of fresh air to read something that is so true and about a topic that is taboo. That topic being mental illness in both teenage boys and teenage girls. Give it a go if you love hearth warming books you wont regret it. 
Let your mind go for a wander. 

5. Pink Pompom Hat 
I've been raving about this hat for like a month and a half now, it is a chunky knitted dusty pink hat with a big pompom on the top. Plus I added a little something to it, that being the little foxy on the side. I think the foxy adds a little touch to the hat. The hat makes any comfy, baggy outfit cute and cozy. Jut is loooove with this hat for the forthcoming winter. 

6. Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm 
Last but not least is my Fresh Sugar lip balm. When winter and fall start to creep their way into the year my face and lips start getting a little.... actually a lot dry. This little lip balm has prevented my lips from drying and cracking. It is a huge life savior and as you can see I need to go get my self a new one.  If you suffer from dry lips give this a go, you will love it plus it smells aaaamazing. 

That's is it for this months favourites, just in absolute aw an love with this six items that make the cold, rainy, autumn season in St. John's, Newfoundland so much bearing and cozy. Again sorry for the late update but I have been really busy lately with school, but here we are ready to enjoy this season and the winter to come. 
Talk you soon...


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