17. New Hobby

Pool Night 
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November 08 2016 

You know when you start talking to someone new and they ask : So what are you hobbies? and you go: uuuummm.... well I like .... [insert under pressure hobbies]. Well that has been me all the time. I do have things I like to do such as drawing, reading, eating pizza etc, but all of this things I do as a way to distress myself. I love doing them but I don't see them as being a hobby, but things changed this summer. 

I got into playing pool. We can attribute this to Dann since he plays on a regular and why not spend some time together and learning to play something he really enjoys. So I gave it a go and at first (still to this day not gonna lie) is frustrating not making an easy shot but can I do when I suck at it (truth). I have been playing since lets say May 2016 and I really enjoy it. I love going down to the pool haul and just shooting around for and hour or two having fun and getting frustrated. Not being good means I can practice and practice and learn new stuff and when we meat with the team for league nights...... you still suck. 

I do not do good under pressure and everyone watching my every move and that is exactly what happens when you play a league match. Its like taking part in an extreme sport (no joke), my heart races, my hands get sweaty, I get shaky and when the time to shoot the decisive shot guess what I miss and therefore lose the game. There are those rare days when the pool gods are in my favour and I manage to win an inning or those days when you bring them an offering the gods let you win a match, and those days are amazing. You feel in the top of the world achieving something you know you could do but did not believed in your self. 

I really enjoy going down on league night to socialize and take my mind off school for a little.  Having fun and a laugh to be completely honest  makes it worth Monday being a looooooooong day and plus Jess has joined the team as well so hanging out with her is always a blast. 

I would encourage anyone to try something new and if you like it perusing it as a hobby because nothing is better than trying something new and knowing you can always have a time. Plus creating a challenge outside of the mundane day to day activities is always fun and keeps things interesting. 
Talk to you soon byyeeee, 


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