2. Why I Love my 9-5

Why I LOVE my 9-5
February 2018

It has been a trend to boy cut 9-5's, boy cut office work, boy cut everything “old fashioned” for the pursuit of a flexible, trendy, well paying job. But I stop and wonder if it is achievable or just a dream. Sometimes I wonder what do you mean by flexible and trendy? What is it to work at an office setting now a days ? Do you have a set schedule or do you work from home?

All this questions I have stem from being told not to settle for a 9-5, to look out for something I am passionate about, to keep an eye out for all the revolutionary trends of the workforce. I tried and tried and tried but I never seemed to “love” what I did. It was not until I was offered a full time position, one I held as a student, that I found out that a 9-5 job IS for me. Now having held this position for almost 5 months I cannot see myself working a trendy work schedule.

I understand that this work schedule is not for everyone, but everyone should understand that this is for me. I absolutely LOVE what I do and that I found something where I can mix customer service, problem solving in a relax but fast pace atmosphere. I know I know a bit confusing but so true. There are very few days where the stress at works makes me dread going back the next day.(This was a constant at other places). One of my favorite things about my job is that people are grateful for my help, they are happy that someone took the time to investigate their problem and when they say "thank you, you were a lot of help" makes my day and what I do rewarding.

I love that I have created some type of routine where I can workout in the mornings and spend time with Oliver and friends at night or just simply go to bed early which I DO NOT MIND AT ALL. When it comes to my routine, I pack my gym bag the night before, it is not as easy as one might think. It takes me a bloody eternity to figure out what I want to wear and I change my mind like a million times but I truly enjoy combining outfits that are appropriate for work but never losing my style and personality.

I love that I get to interact many different people throughout the day and learn new skills. Even though some of you might not think that I get as much flexibility as being my own boss or working a trendy schedule I have many different benefits and time for myself something that I appreciate a lot and makes up for having to be at work early in the morning. My mental health has been improving so much since quitting workplaces that were not a hit for me and I  totally attribute it to my job.

I do not think that 9-5s are a thing of the past, and I personally love my 9-5 but I understand that people want to have more freedom. Having many many many social media successes people are more and more tempted to take that route and be your own boss but we need to remember that it takes time and patience and sometimes a little bit of luck and fairy dust.

You should not be disappointed if you do not find the perfect job for you ASAP, but please pretty please do not give up. The perfect job will come along it might take some some tries, some frustration but you will find it.



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