3. Taking Care of my Physical and Mind Being

Taking Care of my Physical and Mind Being

May 2018

It has been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote a post, I just did not feel inspired, creative or in the mood to write but after talking to someone yesterday she made me realize that being consumed by work and stop doing what you like doing it is only going to make you unhappy. I have made time in my busy schedule to do things I love doing such as: waking up early and heading in for a 6 am gym session or booking a yoga class late afternoon, but taking care of my physical being is not enough to keep me happy and well balanced.

The end of last year was a chaotic mental mess, one day I was happy the next I was sad, the next I was angry. It felt like I was falling into a spiral of emotions I could not control and it was so terrifying. To contradict that I made a New Year Resolution to keep a notebook and write what I need to do each day even though some is routine I find writing things to-do down is a way of keeping my mind clear and in order.

Sometime mid March I discovered the art of the Bullet Journal and I have been hooked since then. I love coming up with new designs and themes that represent how I am feeling that Month or Day. I use the journal to keep track of my workouts, my mood for the month and random writing. These two ways of tracking what I do make me feel organized, clean, and free, but as the year has gone by I have realized that doing that is not enough to keep my mind at bay.

So this next half of the year I am going to try to do more things that I am interested, passionate and just simply love doing. One of those things being this blog that I started as a way to express my self and my photography, ( great leeway )as another thing I want to do more is learn more about photography and shoot cool and interesting pics and finally I want to make time to take Oliver for long, enjoyable walks.

To close today's thought I want to make a point to take care of your-self by doing what you love and getting rid of negative energy.



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