6. Let's Pretend we are Dancing in the Streets of Barcelona

Let's Pretend
 we are Dancing in 
the Streets of Barcelona

From the 8th to the 16th I was living my best life in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. A M A Z I N G is the only word I can think of when remembering last week. Having my family around was a much needed thing that I didn't realize until seeing them, getting some Vitamin D was v v much needed and spending time with Dann was much needed. 

Site seeing was what took most of our time but there is sooo much to see that I would rather walk all day than lay around all day. 
Architecture was just amazing ( see again can't stop using the word ), old mixed with new, mixed with tropical vibes. 

The food perfectly fits with the atmosphere. Seafood, light lunches, heavy suppers, exotic foods and what you can see the most is TAPAS! 
But what is TAPAS and to tell you the truth I DONT KNOW HA HA. Well, I shouldn't say I don't know but it is very hard for me to fully understand what tapas are lol. From what I know tapas are like appetizers-ish. All you need to know is that they are ammmmaaazzing. 

The public transit is also amazing, so if you ever travel the Mediterranean city of Barcelona I would 100% suggest using the public transit and walk, so much nicer to feel like city people than tourists.
There are so many places to see, to walk, to do and don't forget to take a trip to the Barceloneta, the local beach. 

Barceloneta will not disappoint you at all, if you love to lay down and tan, if you like water sports, eat or drink, night life maybe? There is something for everyone and in such convenient location. 

Totally recommend to visit at least once as it is such a great city, with great TAPAS, great shopping, great sight seeing places and great people.



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