7.1 Ten Little Things That Make ME Happy

10 Little ThingsThat Make ME Happy

So it is July already, I can't believe how fast this year has been going through. This year has been such a great year so far... knock on wood... my mental health has been pretty good, I am very happy and I can see my life getting better so for today I wanted to post about 10 little things that have made me happy so far this 2018. 

NOTE: Not explanation given, if you would like to hear more about them, comment down below. 

PS. This is the first blog of 30 that are coming over the course of the month. 

The ( 10 ) Little Things 

1. My jewlery 
2. My tattoos
3. Depression Meds 
4. Bluetooth in my Car
5. My Car ( not so little )
6. Frijoles ( Beans ) 
7. Memory Photos 
8. Agenda / Bullet Journal
9. Getting my nails done
10. Morning Tea 




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