7.2 Who Inspires Me

Who Inspires Me?

When we are kids we get asked : who is your hero? Most of us answer; my mom, my dad, grandpa or any other figure of power in our lives. Now the questions is less cliche and we get asked : who inspire you? I find that now this is a little bit more difficult to answer because there are many factors in play when it comes to inspiration. 

So here I am answering the question of who inspires me both in my personal life and in the great universe. 

My Dad, I know, I know I said this is a common answer for kids, but I can tell you that this is the truth and nothing but the truth. Why does my dad inspires me, well this is very easy to answer and it is because my dad is the most supporting, caring, driven dad. Supportive; no matter what I am going through, no matter how embarrassing, no matter how crazy, and no matter how far away he is my dad is always there, there to listen and advice. Caring; given the fact that dad is the father of four needy, high maintenance, crazy, daughters dad will give everything he has to make us happy, he always makes sure that I feel love and that I never forget that even though we are very far away his love is never ending. Driven; dad I want to thank you for always putting your 100% effort to achieve everything you set your mind to, you never give up and you have taught me to always try, never give up, aspire to be my best. 

Person of the Great Universe that inspires me: Danelle Hallan. The creator that gives true crime a new face, a voice and a massive audience. If you know me, you'll know that I am OBSESS with true crime. This is not something new, ever since I was in middle school I used to binge watch crime shows on A&E and discovery channel. Mom use to tell me that I should be a detective when I grew up, she meant it like a joke but I never grew out of that face and I still LOVE crime documentaries and everything related with true crime. Well lets stop the rambling and get to the point, Danelle does an A M A Z I N G job at telling the story of victims whose voices have been lost in unjust acts of violence. I wish I could do what she does and for this I admire her so much. 

Both my dad and Danelle are people that inspire me, I admire and I wish one day I could be as strong and driven as them. 

Who inspires you?



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