7.6 Adulting


Is V V Stressful 

I remember being a kid, toddler, youngster, and thinking "wow I can't wait to do this and that when I am an adult " After finishing High School I still didn't feel like an adult, neither during University. That was all about to change the moment I finished my degree and had to go find my-self a big-girls job and starting creating some income for my self. 

Ever since life has not been as smooth sailing as it used to be but I have learned so much about my-self in the past year. In the past year I bought my first car, that I am paying off, I got a job with the University and I love it so much and finally I have taken the decision of buying a house this year. 

It all seems like fun when you first come across the thought of buying your first house, but you soon realize it is not that way. Viewing is fun until is not anymore and you just want to get it all over with. When you finally pick the one is where the stress hits you like a brick wall. First; agreements, signatures, paper work, then; mortgages, appointments with bank, getting your credit score scrutinized, finally getting approved the end. JK it is not the end, after all that the lawyer comes in and more paper work, more money out, more waiting and what happens next ... well I would not be able to tell you because I am still in the waiting game. 
Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finally say that I own a house well and by bf too. 

Here is to me praying that all the headaches, all the stress, anxiety attacks have not been for nothing and that when we finally move in the house will be our perfect little niche.

Keep your eyes peeled for maybe a empty house tour and a completed house tour ?




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