8. Why am I Like This

I Lied 

Life gets in the way 

At the binning of this month I made the decision that I wanted to daily blog for the whole month of July ... I was on track for the a whole week and the life happened and hold and behold I did not continued. I am pretty sure that I do not disappointing you but I sure disappoint myself. I want to write about anything in my life, my thoughts and quirks. 

So here we go another try at daily blogging for 30 days. Lets see how this time goes.

I want to re-start this challenge by telling you some big news ... me and my boyfriend, best friend, soul mate : Daan have bought a house, our first house and I couldn't be any happier in life than right now. Not word of a lie, but the process is the most stressful thing ever and it consumed my thoughts all day every day ( one of the reasons I stopped blogging ). Looking for the perfect house is fun, until is not and all you want is to pick one. What comes next is just from another planet. But at the end is all worth it because we are now the owners of our perfect town house. 

We bought our house in our favourite part of town, a good neighborhood for my children Olly and Molly ( dogs LOL ). I can't wait to make this house soo Pintrest perfect that I make people want to throw up LOL. My theme colours are : Dusty Pink ( my fave ), Mustard Yellow, Mint Green and Baby Blue. Is Dann okay with theme colour you may ask and let me tell that he is ! 

Anyway I wanted to let you all know about this and that if you would like I could do an empty-ish house tour ? and a finish house tour ? 
Maybe even planning for a housewarming party blog ?
Let me know what y'all want to see in regards of house and interior decor and I'll do it !



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