7.5 Ollie & Molly

Ollie & Molly
My Babies

I'm pretty sure all of you know but if you don't today I want to introduce you to my two fur babies. 

Oliver Cojulun ( 1 year old )

German Shepard

Nicknames :
 Ollie, Lard, Lardo, Larduino, Lardes, Ollard. 

Likes :
 Be called handsome, gorgeous, pretty, walks, banana/banana muffins, hooman food, rough & tumbling, napping, hiking.

Dislikes : 
baths, the car, rain, nap being interrupt.

Molly Cojulun ( 2 1/5 months )

Miss Mo, Little Miss Mo, Molly Mo, Missy, Mollard

Biting, nibbling, waking up at 4 am, destroying toys, walks, taunting Ollie, and everything in between.
Sharing toys, pooping / peeing outside. 

My two precious babies have two very distinct personalities, Oliver is such a big baby with the face and looks of a monster bear. If you see him around town you might get scared but he wouldn't hurt a fly. Molly on the other hand is such a little sh**t disturber and knows how to play with peoples emotions, in the house she is a little tornado of energy and outside she is a sweet little angle. 

If you are going to be scared of one I would suggest it being Little Molly, she is definitely  more scary than Oliver. 



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