12. Story time: Favorite Childhood Memory

Hide & Go Seek

The best childhood game of all time 

While brainstorming ideas for my next blog post I cam across this idea in Pintrest and I thought that would make a awesome post. The I came to the realization that my favorite memories as a child are more like as a teenager and after thinking more I remember that I ALWAYS had a good time when we went to my grandparents house and played all type of games with my cousins. 

Prepare yourselves to be taken back in time to when times where stress free and all we had to worry about was being found. 

I remember going to my grandparents house Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes we even having a sleepover and eating as much chocolate cake as we could. My grandma " abuelita yoly " always made cake for us and it was the best cake in the world. After having cake we ( me, my sister and my two cousins ) would go outside and talk about life and ponder on what game to play. The winner was always or most of the time hide & go seek, the go to game when it was getting dark but not too dark. 

A bit of a background : the house layout so you can picture the game in your head, my grandparents house is like a tiny private residential area of three houses in the middle of the city, to go in you park on the road in front of three huuge garage doors that lead to an outdoor garage for the three different houses. They have this little outdoor hallway that takes you to their house. Their house is a three story house with a patio on the front. Very old people-ish with huuuge furniture but perfect to play hide & go seek when you are a kid. The outdoors perfect to make Esteban count and for us to sneek our way in and out of the house.

The "it" person was always the same one, well most of the time. My cousin Esteban was always the "it" don't ask me why or how but he always ended up counting round after round. Maybe the selection process was biased and rigged by the rest of us but we will just say that's it, life is life.
Anyway back to the game, normally you count 10 Mississippi's, we got Esteban to count 20-30 Mississippi's with his eye closed and we go and hide in 10 different spots run around all over the house and then run back to the counting place and scream got you which meant the counter aka Esteban count again and you guessed it again and again. We will play this for hours on end screaming and laughing until it was time to go home or it was dark and scary. 

Like I said before we used to play this every time we went over and we visited our grandparents like every other weekend so very often. We also use to pretend we where Harry Potter characters with magic powers, Pokemon people and we played the Game of Life on the regular as well. 

While writing and re-reading this post I wish my parents would've filmed us just to be able to look back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 
Being a kid, running around, not worrying about anything but hoping not count next round or about the scrape on your knee from falling down the stairs. 

Sometimes its just nice to remember your kids days and remember that there is always a kid in you. 

What's your favorite memory as a kid ? Did you played hide and go seek? Let's have a good o'l throwback on the comments below. 



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