13. Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

New Series 

I think that writing a post every other Friday, about what I will be doing that specific day and what are some of my fave things of the past two weeks and things in general, is a post that I am very excited to write and for you to read. 

So my favorite Friday things first edition. 

Fridays are usually my day to let everything go free, take a deep breath, seat on the couch with a big treat and exhale all the energy negative or positive accumulated through the week. 

I love the feeling of ending a work week and having time to relax and sleep, I love hanging out with my pups and that means taking them out for a walk around golden hour or later so they also have a great night sleep. 

Now for material things that bring a smile to my face :

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerals : I remember reading this book in High School and thinking to myself " wow, this is intense " not really understanding everything about the plot, theme or whatever. But after watching the movie and getting a better understanding of life I re-read the book in the past two weeks and I can honestly tell you this one of my favorite books of all time.

Al little party never killed nobody

The Great Gatsby

All three pictures taken from Pintrest

My new Ipad: so recently I decided that I was time to trade in my generation 2 Ipad for a more upgraded model and I am honestly soo happy with the new one and can't wait to buy a wireless keyboard and drawing pen for it. 

Planting Gardens in Graves by R.Sin : A poem book, a thoughts book, a help book, whatever genre you want to call this type of books let me tell you this one connects with you in a deep personal level, if you are going through a break up, if you are feeling low, insecure this book has you cover and it is the best thing ever. I love reading this in the mornings while eating my breakfast. 

The Orchid Plant and its siblings: Moving houses has been a heck of an 
experience and one of my favorite things at the new house is the fact that the windows are HUGE perfect for plant care. The year old orchid has bloomed again and it looks soo preeety besides its new mate a long pink, green leaf one. 

The New HOUSE : Last but certainly not least is my new house. I love having a place I can call home, I can burn it down if I want to ( not that I will ). I can not wait to put my paintings as art wall up and make it even more hommier than now. So yeah, keep your eyes peeled for a final house tour. 
PS. when there is no garbage in plane sight ! ... Thanks Molly. 

What are your favorite things atm? 
What do you love to do Fridays or during the weekends. 



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