16. The Season of Colour || A bit of a ramble

The Season of Color

A bit of a ramble LOL

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall ... the later being my favorite season of them all. Before I get into why is Fall my favorite season I want to thank the gods of Summer for the amazing weather we have been having and all the beautiful, amazing, fun things we got to do this season.

The Summer of 2018 is one of the best seasons of life and I will forever remember and cherish every bit of it.

Everything started with the aaaaamazing trip to Barcelona with my family and Dann. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the view was incredible and the company was like always fun. Once we landed we rushed over ( not really lol ) to pick up the boy Oliver and wait until we could pick up Molly, my sweet little miss moo. This new addition to the family just made the summer 100 times better. The major part of my summer was spent eating ice creams, going to farmer markets, supporting local, going on small day trips and hikes. Soaking all the sun I can before it is gone, and enjoying relaxing days at the beach. 

All of this followed by the excitement of moving to our very own house and making it a home. Which has been and still is a process but I would not change a single thing. House tour is coming soon ! 

Finally I will remember this Summer because I was pretty dam happy, my life is taking shape and I have started new routines that help with my anxiety and depression. OH and we can't forget about the tunes, music that forever will remind me of this awesome time in my life. 

I could not be more blessed and thankful for all this 
Now that summer is coming to an end, I want to take this time be grateful for an amazing summer and for an upcoming Autumn full of joy and lattes. 

I am very excited to the seasons to start changing and the weather to start cooling, not just for weather am I excited but also because me and Jess ( my best friend ) are going to Corner Brook late October for a week or so and explore the west of Newfoundland. I absolutely love Corner Brook during the fall season because the colors on the trees are absolutely beautiful and the air feels fresh and clean.

Another thing I am very excited about this upcoming season is pumpkin carving and that we will be able to put the pumpkins on out front deck and light them up at night !!! ahhh and pumpkin picking, pie making, food cooking, lattes and all the good warms food you can have in the fall time. 

Just pure excitement  !



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