17. What I Take Hiking

What I Take Hiking  

Doggo Edition

For todays post I had another idea but I will keep it for another day, life sometimes can get in the way of plans and there is nothing we can do. 

Anyway let's stop focusing in the negative and focus on what I take with me when we go hiking. Having one dog is very hard work let alone two but I would not give it up for anything in the world. This means that my two doggos are the most spoiled dogs ever. I bring a backpack hiking just for them, so I decided to write this to give some tips on what to bring and maybe you guys can give me some more ideas. 

The first thing you need is a backpack, I have the Fjallraven Kanken, I have the original size pretty sure. I picked an olive green colour and red straps. Let me tell you I absolutely love this backpack, it's the perfect size for hiking and exploring. It helps with your posture when walking and it does not put too much stress on your shoulders. It is one of the most comfortable bags that I have ever worn/had and we all know it is insta perfect.  I got mine from Journeys 

So for my dog essentials 

1. Most importantly when going out with dogs you need poop bags. The ones we have are from Walmart very cheep for a huge pack but they do the trick of not leaving poops on trails or side walks. 

2. Another very important thing to take is water, dogs cannot sweat and they need more water than us when doing exercise. Because of this we have a 10 once bottle from the brand Gulp and it is so so perfect because the lid opens up and serves as a bowl for them to drink from. No need to carry an extra bowl just for the water. 

3.  Lastly but not least we take treats, a whole variety of treats. I have a little square container where I put little treats. The small treats are perfect for positive reinforcement when walking. I keep them handy at the top of the bag. 

Each trip is different and sometimes we take more things for them depending on the hike. 

Ohhh  obviously we have them on their leash and Oliver has his sports bra ( harness ) since he a puller and a strong dog. Molly just has her little collar but I am thinking on giving her a sports bra because she is starting to pull just like her brother. 

To finish it all up I also take some snacks for me and Dann and a water bottle for us as-well.  

What do you take when you go hiking ? Do you have dogs or any other type of pets ?



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