18. And Just Like That Summer is Over.

And Just Like That Summer is Over

Starting the cold season 

The summer is ending and the fall is starting, I am honestly sooo ready for fall right now. Summer is nice and all but I am done with the weather being hot and sticky and waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. I am so ready to start wearing jumpers, jeans, and layers. 

I wanted to make this post as an appreciation good bye for summer and a hello to fall but not just that I also want to talk about the importance of self-care during the winter months. 

The second half of the year I have been getting into the more natural ways of self-care. Such as meditation, yoga, walking and me time. Yoga was something I've always been so interested in but never seem to make time for, doing yoga during High School made me keep grounded and at peace while ( not so ) internally hating my life. Mediation is something new I found this year and walking well walking the dogs and listening to music makes me relax and just be in peace with life. 

Experiencing the effect seasons have on mood and overall mental health I have decided to make this second half of 2018 one for self-care. I am going to be doing as much meditation and yoga I can during the week but I will have Sundays as my deep self clean day. 

What do I mean by deep self clean : just take an hour or so every Sunday to regroup, align chakras, take care of my skin and hair, meditate, do yoga or any other activity that will contribute to me calming down, closing the week and being able to start the new week. 

I am planning on doing this at home in my new me room. Don't worry my next post will show my me room and all the things that make this room special for me. 



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