19. Namaste ... Its Yoga Time

NAMASTE ... Its yoga time

Yoga, a Hindu spiritual and aesthetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practice for health and relaxation. 

The part that jumped at me the most about the actual definition of yoga is that is an aesthetic discipline. I could not agree more with that, there is something about having a nice, peaceful, well lit, scented room that makes yoga that more relaxing to practice. 

Once I decided we where moving I was amendment that I was going to make one room in the house as my little yoga room, just the way I want it and I did. My yoga room accent wall is a purple mandala tapestry that I got in Barcelona framed by Christmas lights to give the room a good peaceful ambiance when practicing at night. right in the middle I have my yoga mat, a deep blue colour to math the tapestry. 

The right corner of the room is for my makeup and get ready time, doing my makeup in the morning in the yoga room makes me at peace and it somehow makes me relaxed. 

On the other side of the window I have some animals masks ( some might think they are creepy ) but they remind me of home and gives the whole yoga room a nice aesthetic and a sense of put together. 

So yeah, that is the room where I go to re-charge, stretch, take care of my health and well being. When I meditate I usually use Spotify and type guided meditation and go with one that appeals to my that day. For yoga I usually go to Yoga with Adriene  from YouTube and again I choose one that best suits my mood that day. Doing this to end your day makes your sleep that much deeper and better. 

Yoga, the perfect way to start your day or end it ! 



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