22. Rewirements


Continuation of Achieving Happiness 


A couple of blogs back I wrote about the course I am taking : the Science of Well-Being as a final assignment we need to pick one of the rewirements aka homework taught in class and stick with it for 4 weeks. 

Rewirement : changing you brain and habits to incorporate more happiness in your life. note: my understanding from class. 

So this week ( week 2 of the final assignment ) I have to socially commit to the rewirement of my choosing. 

Reweirement : Savouring 

the act of stepping outside an experience to review and appreciate it. 

Day 1 : Decided to take the handles of supper making and me and Dann made supper together, we decided to make beef tacos, like the taco being the tortilla and rice, it a was a bit challenging but it was aaaamazing. No phones all attention to supper making.

Day 2 : Just a miniature good moment cuddling with my fur babies and telling them how much I love them and appreciate them.

Day 3 : Today's rewirement was an early one as I got up to takes Ollie and Molly for a walk at 6 am and we chased the sun. It was such a good morning for a walk and everyone enjoyed it. 

Day 4 :  Today's rewirement was nothing special but I just thanked life for letting me be part of this world. 

Day 5 : So today I did something I've always wanted to do, that being a Pilates Class and let me tell you, LOVED it. I will 100% be going again. 

Day 6 : Today I am grateful for having the opportunity to live my best life with Dann, Oliver and Molly. 

Day 7 : Today's gym session was very different than my usual. I had no headphones and I payed more attention to my work out and thought about every little movement. 

Day 8 : Another food related rewirement but after having a physiotherapy appointment I decided I wanted to make supper for the next day and picked everything needed and got it on the go. 

What has this week taught me : enjoy every single bit of your day because you don't know if there's a tomorrow and you will live a happier life. 

This post will be updated daily. Keep checking for progress and if you would like do it with me on the comments down below. 



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