25. Ummm... Hi, Hello

Ummm... Hi, Hello


Bursts of ideas, bursts of feeling like writing, bursts of feeling like drawing, this is how I write on here on a burst to burst basis. And right now I am in one of this bursts where I feel like writing and letting my mind go, without any rhyme or rhythm. So if you a burst on burst type of person, continue reading for some random writing. 

Do you remember when you where a kid and could not wait for Christmas, because it was the best time, get to stay up late, eat everything yummy, put the decorations up and help mom shop whit no care in the world? Well as we get older, the magic of Christmas is no longer there, so this year I made it my mission to get that spark back into my life. And without a doubt, it was one of the best ones yet! Spending the day with the guy that has my whole heart, my two dogs (Ollie & Mollie), my two dogs that are basically my children. It will be crazy to think that dogs have any idea of what Christmas is, what presents are, what the whole fuzz is but I sware that Oliver and Molly Moo know. They just have to. So I bought them a whole bunch of presents, ranging from treats, let me tell you that they loved it! 

What made this Christmas special was the act of sending my family gifts and being able to call them and talk to them for hours, seeing them open what I sent, reading my cards, knowing they appreciated the gesture if nothing else. 

Anyway, enough of the ramble for now and let's welcome this new year, a new chapter of our lives. I want this year to be one of the best ones yet and I will make anything in my power to do so! 
So keep checking in for some bursts and updates! 



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