About Me !

New Endeveanour

Just as a little introduction, I am Andy, 23 years old, obsessed with my dog Oliver, getting back into the swing of the gym. I am trying to get into healthy eating and all that jazz. But I will leave it at that and just keep an eye out for blog to learn more about me and my life. I'll be posting content that represents who I am as a person, what are my interests, content about my life and opinions and really just what I am in the mood to write that day.

Today I am rewriting my about me page because I am starting something new, a gig some might call it, a job or a career it all depends on what you want to call it. But lets stop going circling around and let me introduce to you my new endeavenour, that being a freelance photographer. I will making a new page and linking my portfolio in Flickr for you too take a look. Do not hesitate and contact me if you live in St. John's or surrounding areas for a photo shoot.

Last but not least I hope you enjoy the 3 blogs I have written so far. Don't forget to leave suggestions of what you want to read in the comments.

XOXO -Andy 


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